Our Process


1. Initial Cleaning / Inspection


Brass processing starts with a thorough cleaning of the brass and the initial visual inspection. The cleaning process removes most powder deposits, tarnish and stains. Once the cleaning is finished, a powerful magnet is run over the brass to pick out any excess metal pieces that might be present. Any brass that is not reloadable or shows signs of damaged is removed.


2. Sorting


All brass is sorted by hand to remove any unsafe casings to ensure only the highest quality brass is delivered to the customer.

3. Processing

MI-Brass uses the best equipment available to process brass. To deliver excellent brass and to process to MI-Brass's standards, top quality machinery is essential. All brass is full length sized with low friction

Process Order:

1- Full length sized/ decapped with low friction carbide dies

2- Swaged to allow consistent seating of new primer

3- Trimmed to within +/-0.003 of recommended SAAMI length and burrs removed (Rifle Only)

4- Neck tension and case mouth adjusted to accept and hold bullet


Additional Options :

1- Case mouth chamfering and deburring

* Allows smoother bullet seating by eliminating burrs on the inside and outside of case mouth.


2- Flash hole uniforming and deburring

* Creates a uniformed and clean path for primer to ignite gunpowder. This is a great way to tighten those shot groups. 


4. Polishing 


After processing, all brass get cleaned in one of our industrial ultra sonic cleaners with 100% brass safe solution to remove the remaining fouling, debris and case lube. This also cleans the primer pocket to allow smoother and more uniformed priming. The brass is then quickly and safely dried to eliminate tarnishing that would occur if the brass dried at room temperature/ humidity level. Our staff has years of experience in refining this step to ensure the brass is not damaged due to extreme heat.

The last step is tumbling the brass to a brilliant finish. The process is very strictly controlled. An exact ratio of brass, media and polish are used for a specific amount of time to ensure the brightest finish on every batch. MI Brass has spent significant amounts of time and effort in refining this polishing process. At this point your brass is ready to reload and requires no additional prep work!


5. Final Inspection


Final inspection of the brass, prior to packaging and shipping, is performed on every single piece of brass that we process. This inspection, in our view, is absolutely the most crucial step to ensure every customer gets safe, reliable and beautiful brass to reload. We inspect our brass for dings, scratches, cleanliness and neck uniformity. Any brass that does not meet our stringent quality standards is never shipped out our doors. Final inspection of the brass, prior to packing and shipping, is performed on multiple pieces of brass with digital calipers for length and case gage for chamber tolerance. We count the brass using a high-quality digital counting and certified scale. Just to be safe we always throw in about 3% extra.




6. Packaging


MI-Brass packages brass in two ways. First, we package our processed and once-fired brass in at least 4-mil or greater polyethylene bags. These bags are then ready to be boxed and shipped.

In some cases, we do not use polyethylene bags. If a customer orders a large quantity of brass, we can reduce shipping cost to those customers by packing more brass in the box, foregoing the use of the bags. In both cases, the boxes are very well sealed.